“I did a podcast two days ago and the hosts talked about the sound design as being powerful and impacting….they said they rarely notice the sound artistry but they did in this case…and this made me smile. It’s the details we work so hard on that people rarely catch….you guys did amazing work which brought the film to a whole new level.”

– Michael Wechsler, Director/Producer – ALTERED MINDS (from FB post/comment)


“We found these really incredibly talented sound designers in Maryland called Studio Unknown……It’s the only movie I’ve made where people have pointed out how good the sound work is…”

– Eduardo Sanchez, Director (After completing sound services for “Lovely Molly”)


“i thanked you two today for your hard work and i’d like to amend that statement.  jackhammer operators and guys who carry cinderblocks up ladders do hard work … that’s too broad.  what would be more apt is to thank you for your expertise, your attention to detail, vision & impeccable instincts and for applying them so carefully to our project.  thank you.”

– Chris Ferrence, Director/Producer “Hegira”


“Went to the premiere. The movie sounded great. You guys did a wonderful job. I can’t tell you how much your work added to the story and the overall quality of the production. Many thanks.  Here’s hoping many others get to hear your work.

– Tom Swartwout, Editor