Studio Unknown announces a New Partner

Studio Unknown is proud to announce that Matt Davies, the studio’s Lead Sound Designer, is now a partner in the company. Matt has spent the last few years driving the conceptual Sound Design, Sound Effects and Foley content for Studio Unknown. His dedication to the art and providing sound of the highest quality to our clients has cemented his place beside co-partners Kevin Hill, Jaime Horrigan and Steven Jones. Matt will continue his duties as Supervising Sound Effects Editor as well as training and directing our growing editorial staff. He will expand his role on forging creative relationships with existing and new clients alike. Please join us in congratulating Matt on joining the leadership of our going concern.

Matt grew up in the small seaside town of Hythe, England, and currently resides in Hampden, Baltimore – when he’s not field recording outside of the studio, he sculpts creatures and practices home brewing.

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