Stephen Joseph Antonelli

Stephen Joseph Antonelli is an award winning songwriter, composer, engineer and producer with 20+ years of experience in the music business. Stephen spent nine years in Nashville, where he received his musical education, working in busy demo and commercial studios. Later, he worked in New York City, where he fine-tuned his skills working with some of NYC’s finest musicians and producers.

In 2007, Steve opened and now runs SongBuilder Studios and All About the Song, two music production companies in the Baltimore area. He specializes in working with artists composing the song, as well as shaping the final sound. This model has allowed Stephen to produce, write and co-write songs that have been placed on national television and in films. Some of Steve’s work can he heard on Lifetime, Fox, and Discovery Channel.

All About the Song provides custom music for any music-related production or application. All About The Song’s music has been used by Discovery Channel, CIA, World Bank and Met Life.

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