Luisa Schauffert

Since a young age Luisa knew she wanted to work in the movie industry. Brazilian born and raised, she grew up watching American movies. Her motivation to come to the U.S. was to be where movies happen. She has always been passionate about the performing arts, earning a degree in Theater from The Center of Arts and Education Celia Helena in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before studying Communication Studies at the Community College of Baltimore County. She believes communication and organization are her strongest skills. Luisa is a people-person that loves getting things done and being helpful. As administrative assistant and production coordinator for Sound Department, she oversees coordinating schedules and sessions, client relations, social media, as well as facility management. Her biggest goal is to help make everyone’s lives easier.

Luisa loves to learn and is always involved in many projects, she has experience as a producer and marketer on several podcast projects. She has worked in theater, short films, and was once an extra on a Disney Channel show back in Brazil. In her free time she loves to dance, play video games, and go on adventures with her puppy named Killian.

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