Jaime Horrigan

Jaime’s penchant for relationship building and communication, along with his somewhat obsessive attention to detail, are largely why he is a managing partner for Sound Department. First a bassist, then a live sound engineer, Jaime has always been involved with music and audio. He was introduced to post production in the early 2000s when he started collaborating with Studio Unknown partner Kevin Hill. It was then that he fell in love with sound as a medium to support visual arts. In 2005, he joined Studio Unknown to help with sales and marketing, soon becoming the company’s managing partner and expanded the company’s client base to Los Angeles. 2017 found Jaime bonding with Juan Campos over cocktails and common work ethics. After two years of regular collaboration, it became clear that joining forces was a win-win for all, thus forming the bond that would soon become known as Sound Department. As managing partner, Jaime’s responsibilities include all areas of business, with a focus on client and team relations, and keeping the proverbial ducks in a row. Jaime serves as a Board member with the MD Film Industry Coalition, an advocacy group for film and television production in Maryland. Jaime also co-manages and performs in the regional band Sweet Leda with wife and vocalist, Julie Cymek. Calling Pasadena, MD home, Jaime enjoys splitting his time between MD and L.A., CA.
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