Spotlighting Chris Cotter’s Refugee

Chris Cotter is a Philadelphia based musician, producer, and film maker.

Chris and his team at Tailor Made Media recently completed and held the world premiere of their film, Refugee – The Eritrean Exodus. In this film Chris explores a common migration path through Ethiopia and into Israel, tracking the plight of Eritrean refugees. Chris and his crew visit several refugee camps, including the never-before-documented Afar region. The refugees tell stories of oppression, torture, and survival. Searching for solutions, Chris speaks to various NGOs and experts, including Assistant Secretary of State, Anne Richard. This documentary is sure to entertain while you learn about this under-reported human crisis.

Chris is no stranger to good sound. He owns and operates TribeSound Records in West Chester PA and produced the original sound track with his band WaveRadio. When we asked Chris what he thought of working with Studio Unknown he said “The crew at Studio Unknown are real pros. Their work really captured the feeling of being at the camps.”

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