Spotlight on Brewmore

During this age of technology it is important that we look back at the past and passion that drove the industrial revolution into modernizing the United States. Brewmore analyzes and tells the story of the past, present, and sheds light on the future of the local economy in Baltimore through beer. Focusing on the local beer brewing industry that saw its rise and fall and now renewed renaissance not just in production but transformations of landmarks in Baltimore. Studio Unknown had the pleasure of providing full audio post production for Brewmore.

Along with US film festivals Brewmore screened at breweries and theaters through grassroots organizing and marketing.  Most recently a television version was broadcasted on MPT- PBS stations in the mid-atlantic.

Filmmakers Nick Kovacic and Matt Riggieri wanted to create a film that was rich in history, and was just waiting to be uncovered.  “The rise of the craft beer industry and the incredible history of brewing in Baltimore was a natural fit.  Also we did a lot of ‘research’ while discovering the new craft beers in Baltimore.”

Brewmore is currently distributed by Film Buff and is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Nick Kovacic and Matt Riggieri are currently working on a documentary about wine making in Napa Valley, CA.

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