Cazz Cerkez

Cazz Cerkez graduated from Towson University where he studied Electronic Media and Film. Since then, he has sound designed and composed music for dance performances, documentary, horror/thriller, drama, comedy, and animation. 

Cazz first joined the team at Studio Unknown as an intern in 2015. Already a talented composer, he immediately showed promise as a budding sound editor and designer. Quick to learn and eager to advance, Cazz was invited to join Studio Unknown as an editor and composer upon completion of his internship in 2016.  

As a Composer, Cazz commonly combines synthesizers, guitars, strings, and percussion to create a fitting tone for a film. His passion started in the 6th grade when he would spend his weekends improvising short films with friends. It was in the edit where he would realize his favorite part was how a soundtrack could bring everything to life and completely determine the tone of a scene. 

Outside of the audio post world, Cazz has worked as an audio technician for concerts/events, and played guitar and synth with several bands around the DMV area. In his free time Cazz enjoys playing with synthesizers, watching movies, and snowboarding. He also loves a good cup of coffee while cooking breakfast and listening to some chill music.

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